KIZUNA presents introductory class in Japanese traditional dance (26 May 2017)

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On 26 May, KIZUNA hosted an introductory class in Nihon buyo , or traditional Japanese dance, with instructor Ms Shisen Tatsumi from Murasaki no Kai. Ms Tatsumi regularly teaches at international exchange events, such as those held at Kyoto International Community House. She has also been featured in KIZUNA's previous Nihon buyo class, presented last year, with great success.

In the event, participants first changed into elaborate kimono with help from the instructor, and picked sensu (folding fans) to use with the dance. One of Ms Tatsumi's students then introduced the dance, "Sakura Kamuro", explaining the accompanying song's lyrics in English and performing it as a demonstration. With understanding of the song's meaning, participants practiced the dance following the example shown and under the instructor's guidance.

Break time was spent watching a video of a dance performance of "Rashomon", and enjoying each other's company.

Participants then practiced a second dance, "Kuroda Bushi", finding its masculine movements refreshing after the feminine "Sakura Komuro".

The event provided a great opportunity for everyone to experience a traditional performing art and to get to know other students.

Dancing to music using sensu

Watching a video of a dance performance of "Rashomon"

Participants with their favorite sensu

Class participants

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