President Yamagiwa and EVP Inaba attend New York Rakuyu-kai general meeting (18 February 2017)

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On 18 February, New York Rakuyu-kai held a general meeting including President Juichi Yamagiwa and Dr Kayo Inaba, executive vice-president for gender equality, international affairs, and public relations. NY Rakuyu-kai is an alumni association consisting of KU graduates residing in New York and neighboring areas.

The general meeting started with an opening address by Mr Yuji Kaneko, president of NY Rakuyu-kai and a 1978 graduate of the Faculty of Engineering. President Yamagiwa then delivered remarks, explaining KU's ongoing initiatives including the WINDOW concept, and the progress that KU is making in international exchange. EVP Inaba's address followed, in which attendees greeted her with applause as she touched on her pleasure of receiving a Medal with Purple Ribbon in November 2016.

Mr Hidetoshi Takeda, director of NY Rakuyu-kai and a 2001 graduate of the Faculty of Economics, started the reception with a toast, after which participants introduced themselves, chatted with President Yamagiwa and EVP Inaba, and actively discussed NY Rakuyu-kai's ongoing activities, expressing high expectations for further development of their alma mater.

Mr Kaneko delivering an opening address

President Yamagiwa

EVP Inaba

At the reception