Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies opens at CIEAS (20 December 2016)

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On 20 December, the Kyoto University Library Network (KULN) and Taiwan's National Central Library (NCL) concluded an academic exchange agreement. Under this new partnership, KULN and NCL opened a Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) at the Center for Informatics in East Asian Studies (CIEAS), Institute for Research in Humanities.

The agreement was signed by the directors-general of the two organizations -- Professor Takashi Hikihara of KULN and Dr Tseng Shu-hsien of NCL -- at CIEAS in the presence of three guests: Mr Kuo Chung-shi, deputy representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in Japan, Mr Liu Guolong, director of culture and education at Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka, and CIEAS Director Minoru Inaba. Remarks from the KULN and NCL representatives were followed by the presentation of gifts and the unveiling of a TRCCS name plate.

Under the partnership, NCL will make annual donations of books on Chinese and Taiwan studies to Kyoto University, while some of the resources will also be made digitally accessible. Other services will include lectures, seminars, and symposia, to be held at the Institute for Research in Humanities and other venues.

The agreement will run for five years and can be extended.

The newly established TRCCS is anticipated to help accelerate Chinese and Taiwan studies at both Kyoto University and NCL.

Directors-General Tseng (left) of NCL and Hikihara of KULN

From left, CIEAS Director Inaba, KULN Director-General Hikihara, NCL Director-General Tseng, and TECRO Japan Deputy Representative Kuo

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