Korean-in-Japan Alumni holds first meeting following GIA registration (12 November 2016)

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On 12 November, Kyoto University Korean-in-Japan Alumni (KUKIJA) held its first meeting as a registered ippan shadan hojin , or a general incorporated association (GIA), at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall with around 80 in attendance.

KUKIJA consists primarily of Japan-based KU alumni, students, and faculty of Korean nationality and ancestry.

The event began with remarks by Chairman Bae Hun (Faculty of Economics 1977), who explained the purposes of incorporating KUKIJA. Three guests then offered words of congratulations on behalf of the University: Takayoshi Seiki, executive vice-president for general affairs and personnel, Dr Naoki Mizuno, professor emeritus at the Institute for Research in Humanities, and Kizo Ogura, professor at the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies.

KUKIJA's prospectus mentions the struggle and hope of past Korean KU alumni, and expresses a commitment to passing their experiences on to future generations. Its newly acquired GIA status is anticipated to help the organization achieve this and other goals as it endeavors to serve the growing community of Korean KU alumni.

From left: Chairman Bae, EVP Seiki, Professor Emeritus Mizuno, and Professor Ogura

Meeting attendees