Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences inaugurated (1 October 2016)

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The Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences, newly formed through the merger of the Institute for Virus Research and the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, began operations 1 October 2016, with a name plate-unveiling ceremony following two days later attended by Director Yuji Hiraki and Deputy Directors Yoshio Koyanagi and Hiroshi Kawamoto, as well as Professor Nagahiro Minato, Kyoto University's executive vice-president for research, planning, and hospital administration.

The new Institute is tasked with pioneering new fields of life science by integrating regenerative medicine, which involves establishing embryonic and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines, and virus research, which has, among other achievements, helped uncover the cause of T-cell leukemia. It will carry on the efforts initiated by its predecessors while exploring new fields of academic inquiry and endeavoring to address society's changing and diverse needs through its research and education activities.

Name plate for the new institute

From left: Deputy Director Kawamoto, Director Hiraki, EVP Minato, and Deputy Director Koyanagi, at the name plate-unveiling ceremony

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