Hitachi-Kyoto lab to explore the "basics and theory based on an understanding of humanity and culture" (23 June 2016)

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On 23 June, Kyoto University and Hitachi Ltd opened the "Hitachi Kyoto University Laboratory", a research organization dedicated to the "exploration of basics and theory based on an understanding of humanity and culture", in the International Science Building on the University's Yoshida Campus. The project came about as part of the comprehensive research partnership recently signed by the two parties.

The Laboratory aims to deliver innovation to help achieve both economic development and resolution of existing issues. To this end, participating researchers will contemplate future societal challenges and explore the basics and theory of society and culture as shaped by people and goods.

Focusing on three themes -- "universities and corporations in 2050", "artificial intelligence", and "ultra-high voltage electron microscopes" -- the Laboratory will, beginning in the problem-identification phase, seek to leverage Hitachi's wide-ranging capabilities and resources, including the collaborative process for identifying desired social changes, and advanced artificial intelligence and analytical measurement technologies, in combination with the University's breadth of research excellence and depth of potential.

Through this undertaking, Kyoto University and Hitachi intend to utilize open forums to promote open research, and actively share research findings and insights on ongoing problems so as to contribute to the realization of a Super Smart Society (Society 5.0).

KU President Yamagiwa (left) with Hitachi President Toshiaki Higashihara at the KU Tokyo Office

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