JSPS Asian Core Program "Research and Education Center for the Risk Based Asian Oriented Integrated Watershed Management" holds the 5th Comprehensive Symposium (19–21 November 2015)

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As one of projects of the JSPS Asian Core Program, which is co-organized by core institutes in Japan and in partner countries, the Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering and University of Malaya have been working on a joint project called "Research and Education Center for the Risk Based Asian Oriented Integrated Watershed Management". Its fifth and final Comprehensive Symposium was held at the Rohm Plaza on the Katsura Campus, with a total of 97 participants, 51 from Japan and 46 from Malaysia.

On the first day, an opening session was held in the morning, which started with a welcoming address by Professor Shinzaburo Ito, Dean of the Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering. Professor Ito expressed his hope for maintaining the cooperative relationship between Kyoto University and University of Malaya. This was followed by three lectures from Dr Zaini Bin Ujang, Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education, the Government of Malaysia; Professor Yoshihisa Shimizu, Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering (Japan Coordinator); and Professor Nik Sulalmam, University of Malaya (Malaysia Coordinator). At the end of the morning session, members of each research and education group gathered for a group discussion. In the afternoon session, the group leaders presented their research achievements alongside 65 poster presentations. The first day concluded with a lecture by Dr Yukiko Kada, President of Biwako Seikei Sport College and former Governor of Shiga Prefecture, offering participants further knowledge about Lake Biwa.

On the second day, following a special lecture by Dr Zaini, the two coordinators reflected on the project achievements in the last five years and reaffirmed intentions to continue joint activities after the completion of this project. At the closing session, the award for excellence was given to superior poster presentations, concluding the symposium on a high note.

On the last day, participants from Malaysia took a tour to Okishima Water Treatment Center in Lake Biwa. They learned on-site about efforts that local residents make to manage water quality, and gained an outlook about their way of life and culture.

Professor Shimizu

Professor Nik

Secretary General Zaini presents a commemorative gift to Professor Ito, Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering

Group photo