Kyoto University signs "international academic city" cooperation agreement with Kyoto City (6 August 2015)

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On 6 August, Kyoto University and the Kyoto municipal government concluded an agreement aimed at furthering their mutual collaboration and cooperation on attracting international conferences, providing tourism training, and other initiatives, and at reinforcing ongoing collaborative activities.

The signing ceremony was attended by President Yamagiwa and Kyoto mayor Daisaku Kadokawa.

The areas of cooperation specified in the agreement are: 1) measures to attract, and assist with the organization of, international conferences, 2) overseas promotional activities to attract international students, 3) tourism training, and 4) support for KU alumni's tourism activities in Kyoto.

While the specific initiatives to be pursued under the agreement have yet to be finalized through consultation between the two parties, Kyoto University is taking this opportunity to redouble its efforts -- spelled out in its WINDOW concept -- to expand opportunities for its students to learn from nature and experience Kyoto's cultural and historical heritage, and to ensure that its curricula, academic environment, and programs are conducive to building character and integrity.

It will also seek to intensify its internationalization efforts, including working to attract international conferences, increase its international student body and faculty, and enhance its international diversity and vitality.

Kyoto Mayor Kadokawa

President Yamagiwa

Mayor Kadokawa (left) and President Yamagiwa with the signed agreement

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