Prof Junichi Mori presents at USJI Week in Washington DC (23-24 February 2015)

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USJI Week was held in Washington DC on 23-24 February 2015 by the US-Japan Research Institute (USJI), which is jointly operated by eight Japanese universities including Kyoto University. The event drew a large audience comprising members from both Japan and the US, including delegates from government bodies, think tanks, companies, universities, and the media, as well as students. The Kyoto University delegation was headed by Prof Junichi Mori, vice-president for international relations and director-general of the university's Organization for the Promotion of International Relations (OPIR). Prof Mori also serves as vice-chairperson of the USJI.

USJI Week aims to raise awareness of the USJI in the US, and publicize the results of its research projects and other activities. It also features a week-long program of seminars, workshops, and other events in Washington DC. The event was previously held in September 2014.

On 24 February, the second day of the event, Prof Mori delivered a presentation as part of a seminar for students titled "Can the ASEAN Countries Avoid the Middle Income Trap, and How is that Relevant for the US and Japan?" The presentation was followed by a lively discussion session in which Prof Mori addressed questions from the student audience.

Kyoto University is an active participant in the USJI, and the university's researchers and students frequently participate in USJI programs held in the US. Information about the USJI's activities, including USJI Week, is available in both Japanese and English from the USJI website (address below).

Prof Junichi Mori delivers his presentation

A USJI Week seminar

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