Special exhibition, "Launch out into the Ocean of Learning!" now running (10 December 2014-25 January 2015)

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The Kyoto University Museum is hosting a special exhibition titled "Launch out into the Ocean of Learning!" through 25 January.

The exhibition highlights various aspects of tankyu katsudo , or "investigative activities", which encourage elementary through high school students to expand their knowledge by actively sharing their thoughts and observations. Many types of these activities are now being implemented across Japan as part of efforts to help young students become active learners.

Visitors can learn about various aspects about these initiatives, including a long-running program at a small school in a mountainous district of Nagano Prefecture, a daylong activity devised by a young high school teacher, and extracurricular opportunities for experiencing traditional arts, such as taiko drumming and carrying kenboko , decorated spear-like poles often featured in festivals in Kyoto. The passion behind running these programs in various capacities is also evident throughout the exhibition.

The exhibition was organized in the hope of inspiring greater collaboration among communities, elementary and secondary schools, and universities in implementing investigative activities and helping students "launch out into the ocean of learning".

Prior to the opening of the exhibition, a preview event and a press conference were held with 20 people from both within and outside Kyoto University in attendance. Following a welcome address by Professor Terufumi Ohno, Director of the Kyoto University Museum, a commentary about the exhibition was given by Mr Ryota Gamo, Office Assistant at the Museum and member of the exhibition committee. Visitors were seen intently examining the items on display, learning about the significance of tankyu katsudo, and deepening their understanding of the importance of such activities.

The exhibition also features symposia and lectures on Saturdays and Sundays.

Inside the special exhibition hall

Museum Director Ohno welcoming guests at the preview event

Mr Ryota Gamo, Office Assistant at Kyoto University Museum, commenting on the exhibition

An exhibit featuring a taiko drum and kenboko

Another view of the exhibition

Visitors listening to live commentary

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