The Kyoto University Museum hosts "Children's Open-Air Museum in Maruyama" (6 May 2014)

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The Kyoto University Museum cohosted "Children's Open-Air Museum in Maruyama" with the operator of the Maruyama Park Outdoor Music Stage, the venue of this event, with support provided by The University Museum Shop MUSEP.

The "Children's Open-Air Museum" is a special edition of "Children's Museum", a dialogue-based educational program taught and managed primarily by KU graduate students and held every Saturday in the entrance hall of the University Museum. The outdoor event takes place annually on 5 May, Children's Day, and is now in its eighth year.

In addition to the regular content of the weekly Children's Museum, this year's open-air program included a live performance by singer Kazumi Fukagawa, whose appearance was made possible with the cooperation of civic groups Toyo No Kuni Umisachi Yamasachi Net/Mother Tree and Kitakyushu Interpretation Kenkyu-kai. Her mini-concert was focused on a CD/book Satoyama Dobutsu Ekaki-u ta, a collection of drawing songs about various types of animals inhabiting satoyama , and was followed by a paper plane competition. Winners were presented with prizes by Museum Director Terufumi Ohno. Owing partly to the good weather, this year's event drew more than 100 people -- mostly families and tourists -- who filled the venue with a bustling and festive atmosphere.

Comparing different characteristics of the bones of various animals

Responding to a question from a visitor

A group photo taken on stage

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