Special video: "Kyoto University — a World-Leading Jungle of Knowledge"

President Yamagiwa: "Kyoto University is a jungle of knowledge that breeds innovation"

Kyoto University — a World-Leading Jungle of Knowledge

A jungle is home to an immense diversity of life that coexists in a "complex web that forms an integrated whole". Similarly, Kyoto University encompasses "myriad unique scholarly endeavors spanning diverse fields", where researchers and students "work side-by-side, inspiring each other in a collectively supportive academic ecosystem".

In this two-and-a-half-minute video, President Juichi Yamagiwa introduces Kyoto University as a "world-leading jungle of knowledge", one that he says will continue to grow and innovate for years to come. The movie thus presents the University's mission and vision in terms that the President hopes will resonate with the institution's diverse community of stakeholders.

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