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17 May 2017
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Omoro Challenge participants share their overseas experiences (10 April 2017)

On 10 April, Kyoto University held a debriefing session for students who had taken part in the inaugural, 2016-2017 Omoro Challenge.

The Omoro Challenge is an international program aimed at "fostering wisdom and an adventurous spirit" in students and developing "global human resources with intercultural understanding and international capability". Both goals are articulated in President Juichi Yamagiwa's WINDOW Concept. With support from Kanae-Kai, an association of KU-affiliated business leaders dedicated to promoting the President's visions, participants travel abroad to pursue their own projects as an alternative to enrolling in a standard academic program.

The 2016-2017 Challenge drew 115 applicants, wherein 31 participants were selected. The participants traveled to their own overseas destinations to implement his or her plan.

The debriefing session began at noon with greetings from Dr Shinsuke Kawazoe, executive vice-president for student affairs and library services, and from Mr Toshiyuki Masuda, chairman of Kanae-Kai and president of The Kyoto Shinkin Bank.

Three students then reported on their overseas experiences (details below), emphasizing the program's unique attraction. They were followed by President Yamagiwa sharing his thoughts on the students' accomplishments.

The 2017-2018 Omoro Challenge is underway with applications open until noon on Thursday 1 June 2017.

Kanae-Kai chairman Masuda

EVP Kawazoe

Yusuke Wada, 1st year, Graduate School of Engineering, reporting on his survey of a mountainous Italian village that has successfully been revitalized after facing depopulation

Akari Yokoi, 3rd year, Faculty of Agriculture, sharing her experiences of working in Ethiopia to understand the tastes of local people and develop a concept for new food appealing to them

Ko Yamashita, 4th year, Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, discussing his "Research Expedition to Namibia" project

President Yamagiwa commenting on the students' presentations

Debriefing attendees

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