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28 Feb 2017
  • Study at KyotoU

IPB students take part in "Global Future of Life, Food, and the Environment" program (16-26 January 2017)

A winter school program, the 2017 Kyoto Study Program for Bogor Agricultural University, took place 16-25 January at the Faculty/Graduate School of Agriculture with 15 students taking part. The program is part of the "Short-term Student Exchange Program for the Global Future of Life, Food, and the Environment" series, which is supported by Kyoto University under the Wild & Wise Collaborative Learning Program.

Participants from Bogor Agricultural University (Institut Pertanian Bogor, or IPB), Indonesia, were enrolled in the Faculty of Agriculture as short-term international students for the duration of the program, attending lectures by Professors Eiji Nawata, Naoshi Kondo, and Motoki Akitsu of the Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA) on the latest in agricultural science, and a talk by Associate Professor Shikiko Yukawa of the Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS), on Japanese culture and culinary traditions and their relationship with local agricultural practices.

The students also took part in numerous field trips, learning about ecosystems at the Lake Biwa Museum, wood processing and forestry in Kyoto's Kitayama area, organic farming at a vegetable farm in Kyoto, and the latest agronomic technologies and achievements at the Kyoto Prefecture Bioresource Research Center. Additionally, toward the end the participants visited GSA's Kizu Experimental Farm and toured laboratories of the Kyoto University Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH) on the Uji Campus.

The final day was devoted to group presentations, in which the students addressed topics of their choice based on what they had learned from the program, such as agricultural and food issues in Japan and Indonesia.

At opening ceremony

A lecture on the cultivation of Kitayama cedar at the Kyoto Kitayama-Sugi-no-Sato Center

At the Kizu Experimental Farm

Final presentations

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