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01 Sep 2015
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2015 Summer Lab for Chemical and Micro Engineering for E-JUST students (21-31 July 2015)

From 21 through 31 July 2015, the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Graduate School of Engineering hosted the "2015 Summer Lab for Chemical and Micro Engineering" on the Katsura campus. The participants were six graduate students (five PhD candidates and one master's degree candidate) from the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals Engineering, School of Energy, Environment, and Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST). The Lab was led by Prof Masahiro Ohshima and Program-Specific Associate Prof Kenji Yoshimoto with the cooperation of three Chemical Engineering laboratories -- Environmental System Engineering Lab (Prof Kazuhiro Mae and Assistant Prof Yosuke Muranaka), Process System Engineering Lab (Prof Shinji Hasebe and Assistant Prof Osamu Tonomura), and Materials Process Engineering Lab (Prof Ohshima, Associate Prof Shinsuke Nagamine, and Program-Specific Associate Prof Yoshimoto).

The first half of the program was devoted to "measurement of pressure drop across a microfluidic device". Under the supervision of Assistant Prof Tonomura, all six students were given hands-on experience of setting up a microfluidic device and measuring/analyzing the data obtained.

In the second half, each student joined one of the three participating labs, according to his/her area of research interest, and learned basic experimental methods in micro engineering. One student joined Prof Mae's lab to study with Assistant Prof Muranaka "production of biodiesel from jatropha oil using a microreactor", two students assembled "micro heat exchangers to study heat transfer of nanofluids" in Prof Hasebe's lab, under the guidance of Assistant Prof Tonomura, and the other three learned techniques for "generating polyaniline nanostructures using supercritical CO2" in Prof Ohshima's lab.

On the final day, the E-JUST students delivered presentations on what they had learned through the program, and discussed how to take advantage of their experiences at Kyoto University in their research at E-JUST.

Measuring pressure drop across a microfluidic device

Producing biodiesel from jatropha oil using a microreactor

Assembling a micro heat exchanger to study heat transfer of nanofluids

Generating polyaniline nanostructures using supercritical CO2

Final presentation