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23 Mar 2018
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KIZUNA hosts Japanese tea ceremony workshop: "Pleasure of a Simple Bowl of Tea" (27 February 2018)

The KIZUNA event for February, held on the 27th, was a Japanese tea ceremony workshop, "Pleasure of a Simple Bowl of Tea". The venue was at Kanjoan, a well-known tearoom in northwest Kyoto. Kanjoan, meaning a "hut to be at ease and free of concerns", is part of a Japanese-style house renovated to offer an aesthetic setting for enjoying tea. The teacher was Mr Michael Drzmisek Sozui, a Swiss-born master of the Urasenke school.

In the workshop, Mr Sozui introduced participants to the spirit and art of the "way of tea" in a humorous way, beginning with a lecture on the history and fundamental rules. He also demonstrated the procedures involved, before treating the guests to traditional sweets.

Participants then worked on making matcha (powdered green tea) with a bamboo whisk, called chasen. Producing fine foam proved a challenge for those unfamiliar with the technique, but following the master's instructions, everyone eventually made a delectable bowl of tea.

Afterwards, Mr Sozui served koi-cha, a "thick tea", whose pasty texture and distinct flavor surprised and impressed many of the participants.

The workshop ended with an enthusiastic discussion on Japanese tea culture.

The event enabled everyone to learn about the art of Japanese tea from the unique perspective of a foreign-born expert, as well as experiencing the "pleasure of a simple bowl of tea".

Lecture on tea ceremony

Garden of the Kanjoan tearoom

Learning how to prepare koi-cha

Mr Sozui and participants

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