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10 Apr 2018
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Environmental Report recognized with Environmental Communication Award for the second consecutive year (13 February 2018)

Kyoto University Environmental Report 2017 (published last September) has received the award for excellence in the Environmental Reports category of the 21st Environmental Communication Awards.

The Environmental Communication Awards, administered jointly by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) and the Global Environmental Forum (GEF), recognize outstanding examples of environmental reporting to encourage stakeholder communication and sustainability efforts. The excellence award, conferred on Kyoto University and three others this year, is given to organizations specified in the Law Concerning the Promotion of Business Activities with Environmental Consideration. The University's 2016 Environmental Report had also received this distinction.

For the 21st Awards, a total of 339 applications were submitted between 2 October and 2 November 2017: 209 for the Environmental Reports and 130 for the Environmental Activity Reports categories.

Awardees are granted the use of special logos ("gold", "silver", or "bronze") in their publications and communications on environmental activities. Kyoto University can use the "silver" logo in its 2018 environmental reporting.

The award ceremony took place on 21 February 2018 at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo, where on behalf of the University, Kazunari Suehiro, head of the Environment, Safety, and Health Division, along with other members of the Facility Department, attended to receive the award certificate.

Mr Hiroyuki Yagi (left), chairman of the awards selection committee, presenting Mr Suehiro with the award certificate

"Silver" logo for excellence award winners

Award certificate presented to Kyoto University