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07 Mar 2018
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3rd FAQ Regarding the Implementation of The Basic Policy to Ensure the Safety of Yoshida-Ryo Resident Students

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Since issuing the first and second FAQs, we have received several more inquiries from Yoshida-Ryo resident students and others. We have compiled the following 3rd FAQ based on some of the more widely relevant questions received.

7 March 2018
Kyoto University


Please note: although based on actual questions that we have received, the following questions have been formulated by the University to help readers understand the Basic Policy. Any persons appearing in the following text are fictitious.

I am a first-year doctoral student. I am currently living in the Yoshida-Ryo with my husband. Will the University provide me with a family room as alternative accommodation? (The Yoshida-Ryo allows students to live with their family members, provided there are appropriate reasons to do so.)

We are planning to provide family rooms as alternative accommodation for students living with their spouses, after confirming the relationship through the student’s submission of the required documents (the Certificate of Personal Matters recorded in the Family Register). In such cases, however, please kindly understand that the alternative family-type accommodation may be located some distance from the University compared to the alternative accommodation for single person.

My understanding is that one alternative accommodation room (a studio room or a single room with a separate kitchen) will be provided for each student. If accommodation with more than one room (such as a two-room apartment with a separate kitchen) is available, is it possible to share such a room with another student? Considering the costs incurred (including accommodation fees covered by the University, moving costs, and other necessary costs to be paid by students) and the fact that the Yoshida-Ryo allows students to share rooms with other students, it may be preferable in some cases for multiple students to share a room to reduce the burden on students who already need to adapt to a change in their living situation due to moving to the alternative accommodation.

In general, the alternative accommodation provided by the University will be single-person apartments (including studio-room apartments). However, if you are living with your spouse in the Yoshida-Ryo, and submit the documents required to confirm your relationship (the Certificate of Personal Matters recorded in the Family Register), we can arrange for family-type accommodation.

I am a first-year master’s student. Is it possible to live in the alternative accommodation with my girlfriend, who is also a Kyoto University student? She is a research student, and currently living in a private apartment, not in the Yoshida-Ryo.

We will prepare single-person private apartments as alternative accommodation. In most single-person private apartments, the lease contracts prohibit or restrict residents from sharing the room with another person.

I am a fourth-year student. As I intended to enroll in a master’s program in April 2018, I answered “I wish to apply for alternative accommodation” in the survey regarding moving to alternative accommodation. Unfortunately, however, I was unable to enroll in the master’s program as I had planned. However, I intend to enroll in the master’s program next year. In this case, can I move to the alternative accommodation?

In conducting the survey regarding moving to alternative accommodation, we offered to provide alternative accommodation to students who expect to enroll in a Kyoto University graduate school. Students who are subsequently unable to enroll in a Kyoto University graduate school as indicated in their survey response should inform the Welfare Division of the situation as quickly as possible.

I am a first-year student. After I have been provided with alternative accommodation, is it possible for me to cancel that accommodation if I subsequently feel I would prefer to find different accommodation due to its location, facilities, or for other reasons?

If you have applied for and are eligible to move to the alternative accommodation provided by the University, you can select an appropriate apartment from the list of accommodation available. As you will be able to select a suitable apartment after checking the information provided and also after visiting and inspecting the apartments, we do not anticipate such a cancellation. If you cancel after selecting an apartment, you will be responsible for paying the cancellation fee as it will be regarded as a cancellation for personal reasons.

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