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04 Oct 2017
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National designation certificate presented to Kyoto U (28 July 2017)

On 28 July, President Juichi Yamagiwa visited the education and science ministry MEXT to receive a certificate naming Kyoto University as a Designated National University (DNU). Kyoto U is one of three institutions selected on 30 June to qualify for government support under this new program. The certificate was presented to President Yamagiwa by then-minister Hirokazu Matsuno.

DNUs are expected to continually strive to enhance their international competitiveness, and contribute to social and economic development on part with other world-leading universities. They must also promote national university reform in Japan by actively sharing the outcomes of their efforts.

Kyoto University is committed to contributing to global harmony by carrying through with the plans it has formulated for the DNU program.

President Yamagiwa (right) receiving the certificate from Minister Matsuno

DNU certificate for Kyoto University

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