Security Export Control

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What is "Security Export Control"?

In order to maintain both national and international peace and security, the Government of Japan controls military sensitive goods and technologies, including relevant dual-use goods and technologies. Based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (1949) and its relevant legislations, exporters, including universities in Japan, are requested by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to apply for an export license in case:
- Items or technologies are listed in the control list; or
- The export is under the provision of end-use control such as 'catch-all control.'

The export of goods and technology designated in international export control agreements without permission from METI is subject to criminal and legal penalties. Such penalties may be applied not only to individual(s) but also to institutions involved.

In the course of the various research and educational activities undertaken by universities, certain activities, such as the exportation or carrying of research equipment or materials abroad, collaborative research with foreign researchers or institutions, the hosting and education of foreign researchers or students and the exchange of sensitive information with foreign researchers, could be subject to security export control.

Furthermore, the export control legislation of the US, such as the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), must also be observed when research activities involve the receipt of materials or technologies from US researchers, institutions, industries or government.

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