Strategic partnerships established with the University of Zurich, the University of Hamburg, and National Taiwan University (27 July, 28 July, and 5 August 2020)


Kyoto University has recently concluded strategic partnership agreements with the University of Zurich (UZH, Switzerland), the University of Hamburg (Germany), and National Taiwan University (NTU, Taiwan). The three partners were selected from among the institutions with existing academic cooperation and exchange agreements with Kyoto University.

Under the university-level strategic partnership agreements, Kyoto University will seek to strengthen its cooperative relationships with the partner intuitions, with a view to furthering existing research exchange, expanding the scope of research collaboration, and increasing student, researcher, and staff mobility. Kyoto University now has five strategic partners in total, having concluded agreements with the University of Bordeaux (France) and the University of Vienna (Austria) last year.

Due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, the signing ceremonies for the three new partnerships were all held online, with President Juichi Yamagiwa signing the agreements on behalf of Kyoto University. The ceremonies took place on three separate days: 27 July with UZH, represented by President Gabriele Siegert (participating via a video message) and Vice-President Christian Schwarzenegger; 28 July with the University of Hamburg, represented by President Dieter Lenzen; and 5 August with NTU, represented by President Chung-Ming Kuan and Vice-President Hsiao-Wei Yuan (international affairs).

Kyoto University’s strategic partnerships represent an important part of its ongoing efforts to promote sustainable, interdisciplinary, and international exchange partnerships to enhance its international competitiveness.

Signing ceremony with the University of Zurich (from left): UZH’s President Siegert (on screen), and KyotoU’s Provost Nagahiro Minato, President Juichi Yamagiwa, and Vice-President Yasuyuki Kono

Signing ceremony with UZH (from left): UZH’s VP Schwarzenegger, and KyotoU’s Provost Minato, President Yamagiwa, and VP Kono

Signing ceremony with the University of Hamburg (from left): the University of Hamburg’s President Lenzen, and KyotoU’s VP Kono and President Yamagiwa

Signing ceremony with National Taiwan University: KyotoU President Yamagiwa

NTU President Kuan

Signing ceremony with NTU (from left): KyotoU’s Provost Minato, President Yamagiwa, and VP Kono

NTU’s VP Yuan and President Kuan

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