European Center celebrates fifth anniversary (11 September 2019)

17 Oct 2019

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    The Kyoto University European Center (KUEC), located in Heidelberg, Germany, celebrated its fifth anniversary with a ceremony held in Heidelberg on 11 September 2019. KUEC opened its doors in 2014 as one of several overseas offices operated by the University. Its main task is to promote and assist with the research and education activities of students and researchers. It also builds networks through organizing and participating in international events. The anniversary ceremony served as an opportunity for Kyoto University to thank the partners that have contributed to the center's success over the past five years, and it also provided an opportunity to develop new partnerships. The approximately fifty honored guests who attended the ceremony included representatives from diverse partner universities and organizations.

    The ceremony, which was held in Heidelberg University's Alte Aula ceremonial hall, opened with a welcome address by Dr Juichi Yamagiwa, president of Kyoto University. In his address, President Yamagiwa likened KUEC's role to that of a "window" connecting Kyoto University and Europe. Rector Bernhard Eitel of Heidelberg University continued the same simile in his congratulatory address, emphasizing the importance of KUEC's role in expanding international cooperation.

    KyotoU alumnus Dr Masahiko Mori, president of DMG Mori Seiki Co, Ltd, also praised KUEC in his address, emphasizing, from an entrepreneurial perspective, the value of having such a strong foothold in Europe. Following the addresses, another alumnus, Professor Kentaro Shimizu of the University of Zurich, gave a commemorative lecture about his research and experiences in Europe.

    A KUEC staff member then gave a presentation providing an overview of the center's activities in the five years since its establishment, as well as its future plans. The presentation emphasized the importance of face-to-face contact in communicating with partners and stakeholders, and the important role that such direct contact has played in the success of KUEC's activities.

    After the ceremony, a reception was held in the Bel Etage, Heidelberg University's suite of staterooms. A toast was proposed by Professor Kayo Inaba, Kyoto University's executive vice-president for gender equality, international affairs, and public relations, following which, a heart-warming address was delivered by Professor Dr Laurent Servant, vice-president of the University of Bordeaux. Also during the reception, an exchange student from Kyoto University who is currently studying at Heidelberg University shared his experiences with the assembled guests.

    The guests were presented with a set of commemorative origami bookmarks in the shape of a five-storied pagoda — a famous Kyoto landmark. The bookmarks were handmade by Kyoto University student group called Kyodai Kobo. During the reception a presentation was given showing the making of the bookmarks, together with messages from the student creators. The reception concluded with remarks from Dr Yasuyuki Kono, vice-president for international strategy and director of the European Center.

    Kyoto University seeks to strengthen and expand the networks formed through the European Center, opening its "window" of international engagement ever-wider.

    Welcome address by President Yamagiwa

    Congratulatory address by Rector Eitel

    Congratulatory address by President Mori

    Keynote speech by Professor Shimizu

    EVP Inaba proposing a toast

    Congratulatory address by Vice-President Servant

    Speech by an exchange student from Kyoto University

    The commemorative Kyoto origami bookmarks

    Ceremony participants


    European Center celebrates fifth anniversary (11 September 2019)
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