KyotoU–Tsinghua "one-site laboratory" holds kickoff seminar (6 March 2019)

22 Apr 2019

      In 2005, KyotoU's Graduate School of Engineering (GSE) and the Tsinghua University Graduate School at Shenzhen established the "Kyoto University–Tsinghua University Cooperative Research and Education Center for Environmental Technology (Cooperative Center)", forming a partnership that has continued to grow through student internships and research and education collaborations. The Center's scope of activities expanded in 2016 with the participation of KyotoU's Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GSGES).

      In 2018, Kyoto University selected the Cooperative Center to be one of its five "on-site laboratories", as part of a strategy implemented under the education ministry's Designated National University (DNU) program.

      The lab marked its "on-site" designation 6 March 2019 with a "kickoff seminar",  sharing its ongoing activities and future plans with an audience from both within and beyond the campus. In attendance were 88 individuals, including KyotoU's faculty, staff, and students, as well as the Center's alumni, and those who have supported the lab since launch as members of the Council for Cooperative Center.

      The seminar opened with remarks from Professor Nagahiro Minato, KyotoU's provost and executive vice-president for strategy coordination, research, planning, and hospital administration, followed by greetings from GSE Dean Masahiro Ohshima, Tsingha University Professor Jiming Hao, and the Council's President Sadao Mino.

      GSE Professor Hiroaki Tanaka, director of the Cooperative Center, then outlined its ongoing activities and upcoming developments, while GSGES Professor Takeshi Katsumi detailed KyotoU's plans for double-degree programs. From Tsinghua University, Professor Guangzhi Xia , associate dean of the Graduate School at Shenzhen, introduced his university's and graduate school's international cooperation and exchanges. Some of Tsinghua's leading researchers then presented on China's environmental problems, describing related research and countermeasures.

      The seminar closed with an address from Professor Masao Kitano, KyotoU's executive vice-president for education, information infrastructure, and evaluation.

      From left: Tsingha University Professor Hao, Tsinghua University Graduate School at Shenzhen Associate Dean Xia, Council for Cooperative Center President Mino, EVP Minato, and EVP Kitano

      GSE Dean Ohshima

      GSGES Vice-Dean Katsumi

      Cooperative Center Director Tanaka

      Seminar attendees

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      KyotoU–Tsinghua "one-site laboratory" holds kickoff seminar (6 March 2019)
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