To new students: 2018 Kohosai taking place 3–5 April

27 Mar 2018

      This year's Kohosai is taking place Tuesday–Thursday 3–5 April, when medical examinations for new students will be held on the Main Campus.

      The annual three-day festival is an opportunity for older students to welcome newcomers, and for clubs and circles to recruit new members by promoting their activities with booths, flyers, and performances.

      To new students, Kohosai offers something to enjoy on their way to and from the Clock Tower Centennial Hall, where the checkup registration desk will be located, as well as a chance to see the numerous extracurricular opportunities available at the University. 

      Bicycle parking and traffic control during Kohosai

      To make space for club booths and activities, beginning 10:00 on Monday 2 April, all bicycles parked around the Clock Tower will be moved to the Yoshida-South Campus. Bike parking over the next three days will be restricted to areas near the Campus' North and East Gates, as indicated by arrows in Notice 1 below.

      Traffic will also be controled on the Main Campus, with cyclists and bikers required to dismount and keep to designated paths, indicated by green arrows in Notice 2.

      Your kind cooperation would be much appreciated. 

      PDF notices concerning Kohosai (in Japanese)

      1. Bicycle parking (issued by the Kyoto University Cheering Party and Sports Union)
      2. Traffic control on the Main Campus (issued by Kagai Katsudo Gakari [extracurricular activity section, phone: 075-753-2504, 2511], Welfare Division, Education Promotion and Student Support Department) 

      Festival organizer

      To new students: 2018 Kohosai taking place 3–5 April
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