Send-off meeting held for the FY2014 John Mung Program participants (6 August 2014)

06 Aug 2014

      A send-off meeting for those taking part in the FY2014 John Mung Program was held in the large conference room on the fifth floor of the University Head Office.

      The Program is a University-wide overseas initiative aimed at fostering the next generation of global leaders. The meeting was attended by a total of 41 people, comprising 40 students who will be studying at the University of Oxford, and a staff member who will be training at the US-Japan Research Institute in the USA.

      The entire event proceeded in English. After words of encouragement from President Hiroshi Matsumoto, representatives of the student and staff programs gave speeches expressing their determination to make the most of the opportunities afforded. The meeting ended with a closing address by Executive Vice-President for Student Affairs Akihiko Akamatsu.

      After the speeches, Program participants, President Matsumoto, and other University officials had their group photos taken, and President Matsumoto engaged in a lively, informal talk with the students.

      President Matsumoto delivering his message of encouragement

      Executive Vice-President Akamatsu addressing the participants

      One of the students going to the University of Oxford

      The staff member going to the USJI

      Program participants in the conference room

      President Matsumoto, left, interacting with Program participants

      Group photo of President Matsumoto, other University officials, and Program participants

      Send-off meeting held for the FY2014 John Mung Program participants (6 August 2014)
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