Open Campus 2014 concluded (7-8 August 2014)

08 Aug 2014

      Despite the threat of a typhoon, this year's Kyoto University Open Campus, dedicated to the theme of "Get to Know the Saving Power of Knowledge", took place as scheduled with a great number of prospective students and their parents/guardians in attendance.

      The opening ceremony was held at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall, with Associate Professor Yasuhiko Sugimura (Graduate School of Letters), who chaired the Open Campus committee, serving as the master of ceremonies. The first on stage was President Hiroshi Matsumoto, who gave a speech entitled "To Those Who Aspire to Be a Kyoto University Student", as the audience listened with rapt attention. This was followed by a performance by the Kyoto University Cheering Party, whose powerful presentation of Japanese-style cheerleading -- with its choreographed movements and music as well as rousing and sometimes hilarious yells -- left the crowd in high spirits. Finally, students from the Faculty of Education and the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences came on stage to share how they had studied for university entrance examinations and what it was like to be a KU student.

      The first day of the Open Campus featured five Faculty/Department-focused programs, and the second day, six. The first-day programs were hosted by the Faculties of Integrated Human Studies, Letters, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Agriculture, and the Department of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, and the second-day programs were by the Faculties of Education, Law, Economics, Science, and Engineering, and the Department of Human Health Science, Faculty of Medicine. Each program began with a welcome speech by the Dean of the host Faculty or Department, and included a briefing session, a trial class, hands-on learning sessions, and visits to laboratories. Participants appeared to enjoy the variety of experiences provided.

      Also available to Open Campus participants on both days were campus tours, opportunities to interview KU students, consultation and reference services, lectures by KU faculty members, and student presentations on KU's official clubs and circles. These programs, together with the tours of the Kyoto University Library, The Kyoto University Museum, and the Exhibition Hall of the Clock Tower Centennial Hall, attracted many of the large crowd of people who had flocked to Yoshida Campus for the special event.

      Open campus events have come to have a more significant impact than ever on prospective students' choice of universities. Organizers are hopeful that this year's event served to deepen the participants' interest in Kyoto University by enabling them to experience the institution's unique atmosphere and attractions.

      The Cheering Party putting on a powerful performance

      President Matsumoto delivering his speech

      A Faculty briefing in session

      Participants making use of the consultation services

      Participants walking around in front of the Clock Tower Centennial Hall

      A corner of Yoshida Campus bustling with participants

      Open Campus 2014 concluded (7-8 August 2014)
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