Kyoto University Fund hosts a donor appreciation day (1 August 2014)

01 Aug 2014

      The Kyoto University Fund's donor appreciation day took place under a cloudy sky that provided a welcome relief from the summer heat. The event consisted of two parts; the first included visits to the Kwasan Observatory, which belongs to the Graduate School of Science, and to Tadasu no Mori, an ancient forest that is part of Shimogamo Shrine, and the second comprised a briefing session and party. The former was attended by 79 people, and the latter, 94.

      At the Kwasan Observatory, participants were seen intently examining the telescope and other equipment steeped in history as Director Kazunari Shibata provided guidance and commentary. Another highlight of the tour was the "4D digital space theater", in which participants wore 3D glasses to see a stereoscopic 3D image of the universe.

      At Shimogamo Shrine, participants strolled around the Tadasu no Mori forest, with guidance provided by Professor Emeritus Yukihiro Morimoto and Assistant Professor Junichi Imanishi, the latter of whom is affiliated with the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies. The participants appeared to delight in the abundance of nature offered by the sacred grove, which, as they learned firsthand, is home to an amazing variety of plant species. "I did not expect to see so many tall trees in such a large city," one participant commented. "It is summer now, but it is so cool in here," remarked another.

      After the outing, the briefing was held with Professor Shigeru Takami, Assistant to the Executive Vice-President, acting as the chair. As the session began, President Hiroshi Matsumoto gave a speech expressing his gratitude to the donors, reflecting on the University's history, and detailing several of the institution's recent initiatives, such as the John Mung Program, in which young research and administrative personnel as well as students get to train, work, or study overseas, and the Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability, a new type of academic program dedicated to fostering global leaders. He concluded his speech by highlighting the crucial role played by the Fund in making all of these undertakings possible. Next, Executive Vice-President Hidetoshi Kotera introduced the donor recognition plaques that had recently been set up inside the University Lounge (Kyodai Salon), and described the Fund's composition, before appealing for continued support.

      The party was held upstairs in the International Conference Hall, in which participants enjoyed chatting with President Matsumoto and other faculty members. The event ended on a high note with many in attendance expressing renewed appreciation and support for the Fund. Comments from the participants included: "It was great to be able to talk with President Matsumoto in person", "I have great expectations for what researchers at Kyoto University can accomplish", "I hope that many students will benefit from the Fund", and "I hope to keep donating".

      This appreciation day afforded University officials an invaluable opportunity to meet and hear from the people who are supporting their endeavors on a continual basis. The feedback received on this occasion will certainly assist in ensuring the most effective use of the financial support provided.

      The Kyoto University Fund wishes to take this opportunity to thank all involved for their continued understanding and assistance.

      Professor Takami, Assistant to the Executive Vice-President, chairing the briefing

      President Matsumoto addressing the donors

      Executive Vice-President Kotera addressing the donors

      Observatory Director Shibata providing commentary

      Professor Emeritus Morimoto acting as a guide

      Assistant Professor Imanishi acting as a guide

      Participants touring the Kwasan Observatory

      Participants touring the Kwasan Observatory

      Participants visiting Shimogamo Shrine and Tadasu no Mori

      Participants visiting Shimogamo Shrine and Tadasu no Mori

      The briefing session

      Executive Vice-President Kiyoshi Yoshikawa interacting with participants

      Kyoto University Fund hosts a donor appreciation day (1 August 2014)
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