Taiwan-Kyoto University Alumni Meeting (December 18, 2013)

18 Dec 2013

      A meeting of the Taiwan-Kyoto University Alumni was held in Taipei. Taiwan-Kyoto University Alumni is an association including exchange students who graduated from Kyoto University.

      The gathering was organized to coincide with the visit of university President Hiroshi Matsumoto to Taiwan as part of the symposium between Kyoto University and Taiwan University.

      Approximately 35 people joined the Taiwan-Kyoto University Alumni meeting, including Meeting Chairman Xu Minhui, as well as President Matsumoto, Director and Vice-President Hidetoshi Kotera, Director, Vice-President Kiyoshi Yoshikawa from Kyoto University and approximately 50 other professors and university staff who participated in the symposium.

      After Meeting Chairman Xu's welcome speech, President Matsumoto made a speech in which he congratulated Meeting Chairman Xu for receiving the Third Class Order of the Rising Sun for his achievements in developing mutual exchange and understanding between Japan and Taiwan over an extensive period, and also spoke of his hope to deepen mutual exchange between Alumni members and people related to Kyoto University.

      Director and Vice-President Hidetoshi Kotera then made a toast, before enthusiastically talking about the lively exchange of ideas between the Alumni and Kyoto University members, and how it includes diverse age-groups (of people from their 20s to over 90), and then went on to cover a wide range of topics, including changes at the University from his time as a student up to the present, and the recent situation of the University.

      Meeting Chairman Xu

      President Matsumoto

      Director Vice-President Kotera making a toast.

      Meeting Chairman Xu and President Matsumoto


      From left: Honorary Meeting Chairman Li, President Matsumoto, Meeting Chairman Xu

      Group photo of attendees

      Taiwan-Kyoto University Alumni Meeting (December 18, 2013)
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