56th Kyoto University Future Forum (July 2, 2013)

02 Jul 2013

      The 56th Kyoto University Future Forum was held at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall, featuring a lecture by Mr. Hideki Kenmochi, the leader of the VOCALOID Project at Yamaha Corporation and a graduate of Kyoto University’s Faculty of Engineering.

      In his lecture, Mr. Kenmochi talked about the vision behind VOCALOID, a system that synthesizes an artificial singing voice simply by inputting a set of lyrics and a musical score, as well as the trials and errors they experienced during its development process. He then went on to demonstrate how to use and enjoy the system. He also mentioned that the development of VOCALOID is bringing a dramatic change to the music world, as it enables not only amateurs to easily compose songs but together with the advancement of Internet technology is also opening up ways to independently publish those compositions and make them available to the world.

      Participants left such comments as "It was a very fruitful experience listening to someone actively working on the frontlines," " I now realize how songs are systematically composed, and that there are many rules I am not aware of," and "I would like to try using VOCALOID sometime in the future."

      Lecture by Mr. Kenmochi


      56th Kyoto University Future Forum (July 2, 2013)
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