9th University Administrators Workshop (January 23 and 24, 2014)

24 Jan 2014

      The 9th University Administrators Workshop was held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, sponsored jointly by Kyoto University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in line with plans under MEXT's SIH (Strategic Fund for Establishing International Headquarters in Universities) Project for FY 2005-2010.

      This workshop provides a valuable opportunity for administrators and managers from universities in East Asian countries who are in charge of international exchange and international programs to exchange views on the current situations surrounding international exchange and on common issues regarding university internationalization.

      The ninth workshop, subtitled "Promoting the Integration of Local and International Students to Create a Vibrant and Stimulating Learning Environment," invited participants from not only East Asian universities but also universities in North America and Oceania. A total of 174 participants from forty-nine universities attended the event, including Director-General Junichi Mori (the Organization for the Promotion of International Relations) and two administrative staff members engaged in international affairs from Kyoto University.

      The workshop was opened with speeches by Vice President Wei Shyy (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and Kevin Yeung Yun-hung (undersecretary for education from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government). Then Dr. Richard Armour (secretary general of the University Grants Committee in Hong Kong) gave a keynote speech that outlined the committee's activities and discussed economic assistance to students studying at higher education institutions in Hong Kong. Later, ten sessions were held over a two-day period.

      In the sessions, participants from the universities gave presentations based on the four subthemes of "Student Housing and Campus Residential Life," "Student Integration Initiatives on Campus," "Counseling Support for International Students" and "University Support in Student Integration Initiatives." Then, at the plenary session that followed, participants held a general discussion focusing on acknowledged problems, new initiatives, and the verification of those initiatives. As a result of active discussions, they were able to build a broad inter-university network.

      In the wrap-up session, participants confirmed that the workshop would be held again in FY 2014. We hope the workshop will help further advance the international activities of the participating universities and invigorate mutual exchange.

      Presentations by a Kyoto University staff member

      Wrap-up session (Director-General Mori at the left)

      Group photo

      9th University Administrators Workshop (January 23 and 24, 2014)
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