Kyoto University Signs an Agreement on Cooperation with Kyoto Prefectural and Kyoto City Boards of Education (February 6, 2014)

06 Feb 2014

      From left, Superintendent Ikuta, President Matsumoto and Superintendent Odagaki after signing the agreement

      A signing ceremony for an agreement of cooperation and memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Kyoto University and the boards of education of Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City was held at Kyoto University's Yoshida campus.

      The university signed agreements on cooperation with the Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education in November 2005 and with the Kyoto City Board of Education in June 2007. Ever since, the university has pursued a broad spectrum of communication activities for elementary school children and junior and senior high school students while aiming at further improvement and development of its education. Building on these activities, the three parties have continued discussions for a broad range of cooperation between high schools and the university, striving also to strengthen ties between the two stages of education. The signing of the agreement and MOU came as a result of these efforts.

      The agreement aims to contribute to the improvement and development of education as well as research through cooperation with respect to challenges in education at Kyoto University and high schools. Based on the agreement, the MOU intends to increase the understanding of prefectural and city boards of education regarding Kyoto University's education and research activities, and requires that the parties initiate concrete actions for the improvement and advancement of education involving high schools designated by the prefectural and city boards of education. For FY2014, twelve prefectural high schools (Yamashiro, Rakuhoku, Toba, Sagano, Momoyama, Todo, Nanyo, Kameoka, Fukuchiyama, Nishimaizuru, Miyazu and Mineyama High Schools) and three municipal high schools (Horikawa, Saikyo and Murasakino High Schools) are designated for the this purpose.

      Attending the signing ceremony from Kyoto University were President Hiroshi Matsumoto, Executive Vice-President Toshiyuki Awaji, Professor Yoshimasa Nakamura (assistant to the executive vice-president), Professor Atsushi Moriwaki (assistant to the executive vice-president), and Professor Hiroshi Sowaki (chief advisor to the president for academic affairs); from Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education, Superintendent Tsutomu Odagaki, Director Kazuhiko Saito (High School Education Department), and Principal Takanori Yamaguchi (Sagano High School); and from Kyoto City Board of Education, Superintendent Yoshihisa Ikuta, Director Shinichi Miyake (School Guidance Department), and Principal Hideaki Murakami (Saikyo High School). After signing the agreement and MOU, President Matsumoto, Superintendent Odagaki and Superintendent Ikuta firmly shook hands and confirmed the future trilateral cooperation. Principals of other designated high schools were also present at the ceremony.

      The specific plans for activities will be established through discussions and consideration by the university and the boards of education.

      Kyoto University has signed to date agreements on coordination and cooperation with five boards of education: Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, Shiga Prefectural Board of Education, Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education, Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education, and Kyoto City Board of Education.

      Representatives from Kyoto University, boards of education, and designated schools

      Kyoto University Signs an Agreement on Cooperation with Kyoto Prefectural and Kyoto City Boards of Education (February 6, 2014)
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