8-10 October, 2005, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China - Oct 8-10, 2005 -

Kazuo OIKE

Welcome speech for reception on 8th October

Good evening ladies and gentleme. On behalf of Kyoto University, as president of Kyoto University, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your cooperation today for the international symposium of Kyoto University in Beijing, China.

Thank you, CAAS Vice-President Lie Xu and Director Wan Jianmin for your kind cooperation and I thank the members of the academy for your invaluable support to this symposium.

Japan and China has had a close relationship and deep friendship during our long history, known as  . Now we have many students from China in Kyoto University : 46 students from China in our Graduate School of Agriculture, 9 in our Graduate School of Science, and 2 in our Graduate School of Biostudies, a total of about 500 students from China in Kyoto University.

There have been many students who obtained their doctoral degrees at the Graduate Schools. Among them, for example, Prof. PENG Youliang, who received his Doctor of Agriculture around 1989 at Kyoto University in the field of Plant Pathology. He is now a professor of the Department of Plant Pathology, China Agricultural University and serves as the president of the Chinese Society of Plant Pathology.

Dr. Wan Jianming, director of Institute of Crop Sciences, CAAS, obtained his doctoral degree of Agriculture from Kyoto University in 1996.

I myself was a professor of seismology, and two Chinese students of seismology obtained their doctoral degrees at the Graduate School of Science.

I hope this international symposium can present a new step forward for future researchers. I am glad that Kyoto University International Symposium is able to provide a valuable opportunity for the participants from both countries to share subjects of mutual interest, exchange and stimulate new ideas, renew old friendships and make new ones.

I extend my thanks again to all of you for coming to our symposium and wish all of you success in your endeavors to create a new world in your research fields.


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