Send-off Meeting for the First Students in the John Mung Program (July 22, 2013)


Sponsored by the president, a send-off meeting for the first scholarship students in the John Mung Program was held at the large conference room on the fifth floor of the University Head Office building.

The John Mung Program aims to foster the next generation of global leaders by providing support to younger generations in their overseas experience. The meeting was held to send off those who are about to embark on the program's first year, including a total of thirty-three students who will be pursuing their research at the University of Oxford or University of Cambridge starting in August as well as a staff member who will be participating in a staff training program at the U.S.-Japan Research Institute in the USA.

The send-off meeting was conducted entirely in English. After words of encouragement by President Hiroshi Matsumoto, students and a staff member representing the program at respective host institutions gave speeches in which they declared their determination. At the end of the meeting, Executive Vice-President Akihiko Akamatsu gave a speech, and President Matsumoto lectured on the difference between British and American accents, to which participants listened seriously and renewed their resolve as the first class members of the John Mung Program.

After the meeting, a group photo was taken of President Matsumoto, other executive officials and program participants.

Speech by President Matsumoto

Speech by Executive Vice-President Akamatsu

From left, a student going to the University of Oxford, a student going to the University of Cambridge (U.K.), and a staff member going to USJI (U.S.)

Group photo of President Matsumoto, other executive officials and program participants