Let's Study Abroad: Introduction to Overseas Partner Institutions II (December 20-22, 2011)

December 20: Introduction to
Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)

Throughout the year, the International Center and the Foreign Student Division organize various study abroad information sessions under the title of "Let's Study Abroad" to assist Kyoto University students who wish to study abroad. As part of this program, the "Introduction to Overseas Partner Institutions II" sessions were held during lunch break at the International Center's KUINEP Lecture Room.

The second part--following the first part held in June which featured an "Introduction to Overseas Partner Institutions"--introduced Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) on December 20, the University of Manchester (UK) on December 21, and the University of Waterloo (Canada) on December 22. Students from the partner institutions studying at Kyoto University and Kyoto University students who have studied at the partner institutions gave presentations on the overview of those institutions, as well as the culture and life in the respective countries, while showing pictures and videos.

After each presentation, a question and answer session in Japanese and English followed, in which information was provided on such matters as semester systems, undergraduate and graduate schools where enrollment is possible, the timing of application for enrollment as exchange students, and credit transfer systems. Participants appeared to be thinking about their own plans for studying abroad considering also the destination, timing and duration.

The International Center and the Foreign Student Division will continue to provide information on study abroad opportunities.

December 21: Introduction to the University of Manchester (UK)

December 22: Introduction to the University of Waterloo (Canada)