Center for Southeast Asian Studies hosts commemorative symposium, ceremony, and reception (2 June 2017)

05 Jul 2017

      On 2 June 2017, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) commemorated its launch with a symposium, a ceremony, and a reception in Inamori Hall and Yamauchi Hall of Shiran Kaikan.

      The new CSEAS, Tonan Ajia Chiiki Kenkyu Kenkyusho in Japanese, began in January 2017 from a merger between the former CSEAS, the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (Tonan Ajia Kenkyusho in Japanese) and the Center for Integrated Area Studies (CIAS).

      At the symposium, a lecture entitled "Sustainability of monsoon Asia, industrialization, and foundation for sustainability" was delivered by Specially Appointed Professor Kaoru Sugihara of the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, the National Institute for the Humanities of the Inter-University Research Institute Corporation. A panel discussion followed, where CSEAS faculty members shared their visions on "what the new institute will pursue". The panelists included: Professor Junko Koizumi, director of International Program of Collaborative Research, IPCR; Associate Professor Yusuke Murakami, director of the Center for Information Resources of Area Studies; Professor Noboru Ishikawa, director of the ASEAN Research Platform; and Deputy Director Shoichiro Hara, director of the Glocal Information Network.

      After the symposium, a commemorative ceremony was held. Following an opening address by CSEAS Director Yasuyuki Kono, congratulatory addresses were delivered by: KU President Juichi Yamagiwa; Mr Shigechika Terakado, director of the Scientific Research Institutes Division, Research Promotion Bureau, science ministry MEXT; and Dr Takashi Oshio, chairman of the third Division of the Council for Research Institutes and Centers of Japanese National Universities, and director of the Hitotsubashi University Institute of Economic Research.

      The following reception started with an address by Deputy Director Hara and a toast from Professor Nagahiro Minato, KU executive vice-president for research, planning, and hospital administration. Finally, closing remarks by CSEAS Associate Professor Nathan Badenoch wrapped up the day of commemoration on a high note.

      Panel discussion

      Panelists on the stage

      From left: CSEAS Deputy Director Koichi Fujita, Deputy Director Hara, Professor Oshio, President Yamagiwa, Director Kono, Director Terakado, and CSEAS Deputy Director Toshihiko Kishi

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      Center for Southeast Asian Studies hosts commemorative symposium, ceremony, and reception (2 June 2017)
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