Wild & Wise Collaborative Learning Programs

2018-2019 Programs

Graduate School of Economics Programme for Special Exchange Students (Winter Term 2018/2019)
Graduate School of Engineering International Human Resource Development Program for Construction of Disaster Resilient Countries
Graduate School of Engineering Education Program for Human Resources with Global Views in Environmental Science and Technology
Graduate School of Agriculture Changing World – Environment, Agriculture and Society
Graduate School of Agriculture Wine Business Development in Japan and Southern France
Graduate School of Agriculture Japanese agriculture and sustainable society
Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies Kokoro Science Research Internship
Graduate School of Energy Science Energy Science Short Program for Undergraduates
Graduate School of Energy Science Research Internship Program for Chiang Mai University
Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies Internship Program for Trans-disciplinary and Trans-regional Problem Oriented Research in Asia and Africa
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies International Autumn School 2018 – Environmental Studies – "Linkage of urban and rural area in Energy and Food"
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Advanced environmental management in Kyoto, Shiga, and Wakayama prefectures
Institute for Chemical Research ICR Short-Term Research Training Program
Institute of Advanced Energy ASEAN Young Researcher Training Program for Energy Field
Primate Research Institute Short-term Intern Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science
Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences 2018 Kyoto Summer Program for East Asia and Germany Students with KU Students
Kyoto University Asian Studies Unit 2018 Kyoto Summer Program for ASEAN Students with KU Students