Wild & Wise Collaborative Learning Programs (2016-2017)

About the Wild & Wise Collaborative Learning Programs

As part of its current (FY2016-2021) master plan, Kyoto University is working toward the goal of increasing its international student population to 3,300.

The President's WINDOW Concept states that the University is committed to producing "strong, bold leaders capable of showing others the way forward", a vision which the Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) supports by providing cross-cultural learning and research opportunities, where participants are trained to develop a deeper understanding of both their home countries and other cultures.

Implemented based on recommendations from participating graduate schools and institutes, the Wild & Wise Collaborative Learning Programs aim to reinforce the University's efforts to cultivate a new generation of leaders and to increase numbers of international students by inviting the most capable international and Japanese students to study together.

2016-2017 Programs

Graduate School/Institute Program
Graduate School of Economics Program for Special Exchange Students (2016-2017 winter term)
Graduate School of Engineering International Human Resource Development for Construction of Disaster-Resilient Countries
Graduate School of Engineering Education Program for Human Resources with Global Perspectives in Environmental Science and Technology
Graduate School of Agriculture

International Exchange with Chinese Top-Class Students Aiming for Research Competency Enhancement

Graduate School of Agriculture Short-term Student Exchange Program for the Global Future of Life, Food, and the Environment
Graduate School of Energy Science Energy Science Short Program for Undergraduates
Graduate School of Biostudies W&W Biostudies Workshop: Integrated and Systemic Biostudies in Kyoto
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies International Spring School on Environmental Studies
Institute of Advanced Energy ASEAN Young Researcher Training Program in the Energy Field
Institute of Advanced Energy Internship Program on Energy Science for Chiang Mai University Students
Primate Research Institute Short-term Intern Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science
Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences Kyoto Summer Program with KU Students (for East Asian students)
Kyoto University Asian Studies Unit Kyoto Summer Program with KU Students (for ASEAN students)