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08 Jan 2019
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KIZUNA hosts 'Shimekazari' Making Workshop (14 December 2018)

Student Lounge KIZUNA's December event was a Shimekazari Making Workshop, held on Friday the 14th with instruction provided by members of Fukufuku.

Shimekazari is a traditional Japanese New Year’s decoration, typically placed above the front door of a house for the first few days of January in the hope of ensuring happiness for the next twelve months.

Workshop participants first learned about the history and structure of shimekazari, as well as each of the materials needed to make one. They then worked on twisting freshly dried rice stalks to make "rings of sacred rope", following step-by-step instructions while praying for happiness. Finally, they decorated the ring with ears of rice, pine leaves, and cones of the Japanese green alder (Alnus firma) from Okayama and Kyoto. Everyone took the finished shimekazari home as New Year's souvenirs.

Participants thus experienced both the craft of traditional decoration-making and the culture behind it, while wishing each other a happy New Year.


A lecture scene


Twisting rice straws to make rope


Participants with their handmade shimekazari


Participants and instructors

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