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21 Sep 2018
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KIZUNA presents "Japanese traditional Kabuki music class" (30 August 2018)

On 30 August, Student Lounge KIZUNA hosted a Japanese traditional kabuki music class at the International Seminar House (j-Pod). As with similar and highly successful past events, instruction was provided by members of Kantakeno no Kai, who used to teach shamisen (three-stringed banjo) and nagauta (songs from kabuki) classes at the Kyoto International Community House and other venues.

In the first part, participants listened to the instructors' performance of nagauta "Miyako-dori" (bird of the capital), and attended a brief lecture. Next, they split into shamisen and nagauta groups, and took turns practicing the song "Sakura Sakura".

At one point, one of the instructors took apart a shamisen to discuss its structure, which is comprised of three detachable pieces that are made to lock together. This feature, she explained, allows a typical shamisen to be easily disassembled and stowed to save space. Participants let out a gasp of admiration as they watched the demonstration, impressed by the ingenuity and craftsmanship that must have gone into designing and building the instrument.

They then diligently worked on "Sakura Sakura" under the instructors' step-by-step guidance, eventually learning to sing and perform together excellently in spite of the workshop lasting only two hours.

The event provided a great opportunity for all to experience a Japanese traditional performing art and to get to know each other.

Learning how to play the shamisen

The instructor discussing the shamisen's structure by taking one apart into three pieces

Performing "Sakura Sakura" together

The instructors and participants

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