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17 May 2018
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KIZUNA hosts Sayohime English Rakugo Show (26 April 2018)

The KIZUNA event for April, held on the 26th at j-Pod (International Seminar House), was an English rakugo show featuring Sayohime, a female performer active primarily in the Kansai region.

The event began with Sayohime explaining the origins of the rakugo comic storytelling, the concept of ochi (punchline), and how to use sensu (folding fan) and tenugui (hand towel). She then demonstrated some of the hand and body gestures used to enact different characters and express emotions.

 Following this introduction, she performed two classic stories, "Eye Doctor" and "Ghost Okiku’s Plates”, in English. Her powerful performance vividly conveyed the humor of the characters' dialogue, eliciting frequent laughter from the culturally diverse audience.

Next, she led a rakugo workshop, in which participants practiced two short stories in pairs, with some going on the stage to perform in front of the others. Under Sayohime’s instructions, students learned how to use their voice as well as body and facial expressions to convey traditional Japanese humor.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to experience traditional comedic storytelling and mingle with other participants. Coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, they also experienced the universality of laughter and happiness.

Watching an English rakugo performance by Sayohime

Practicing rakugo in pairs

Performing a short story on stage

Commemorative photo with Sayohime

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