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05 Aug 2016
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KU Junior Alumni Association holds 14th meeting and lecture (18 June 2016)

On 18 June, the Kyoto University Junior Alumni Association (KUJAA), chaired by Mr Jico Hui (Graduate School of Economics 2006), held its 14th meeting and lecture event at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo. A total of 86 people (59 men, 27 women) attended, including KUJAA members, who are KU alumni aged 45 years or younger, and guests.

Chairman Hui opened the meeting with greetings to all, followed by Deputy Secretary Yasuo Kobori of Gakushikai, an association of alumni and former faculty of seven national universities, introducing his organization and expressing his expectations for KUJAA.

The proceedings included ceremonies to inaugurate Mr Naoki Shiho (Faculty of Economics 2008) as a board member and to welcome Mr Zhu Jinnuo (Beijing Foreign Studies University 1977), executive director of marketing and China operations at All Nippon Airways, and Mr Yoshiaki Hori (Faculty of Law 1994) as the fourth and fifth supporting members.

The lecture was delivered by Mr Masayuki Oku (Faculty of Law 1968), Chairman of the Board at Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. Entitled "To Those Who Are Going to Unlock the Future", his talk focused on the current state of Japan's economy and his views on what it takes to achieve economic growth in a globalized world. He also offered words of encouragement to younger alumni, referring to his own career and emphasizing the importance of innovativeness, broad-based knowledge -- such as may be gained through liberal arts education -- and wide-ranging experience.

As with the past few events, the lecture was held in the "Junior Alumni style", or a participatory format, where attendees, who represented a broad range of age groups and academic backgrounds, took part in a discussion on related topics after the talk.

The final segment of the event was devoted to a game called "Let's Be an Interviewer", which gave everyone a chance to interview and get to know new people.

From left: Gakushikai Deputy Secretary Kobori, SMFG Chairman of the Board Oku, and KUJAA Chairman Hui

Meeting attendees

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