Greetings from the Chairman


Kyoto University Alumni (KUA) was established in November 2006 with the aim of promoting exchange and friendship among its members, as well as contributing to the University's overall development.

As of today, KUA encompasses over 100 alumni organizations. In addition to the numerous associations focused on specific faculties, graduate schools, institutes, and areas of study, this number includes regional organizations, which are based all across Japan -- from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south -- as well as in Asia, Americas, and Europe. We hope that these organizations will be joined by many more over the coming years across Japan and the world.

After graduating from Kyoto University -- having set out through the "windows" that their university opens into the world -- former students are bound to encounter all kinds of situations. As they cope with new challenges or seek to forge new paths, they may find help by connecting with former classmates and teachers across generations, interests, and areas of expertise.

KU alumni are connected with each other through not only the University and the city of Kyoto, but also various other affiliations, such as the faculties or graduate schools where they studied and the communities where they live. It is my sincere hope that all members of the KU community fully benefit from these connections by being a part of our alumni network.

We appreciate your continued support of KUA.

Juichi Yamagiwa
President, Kyoto University
Chairman, Kyoto University Alumni