Primate Research Institute (PRI)

Japan is an ideal country for primate studies as it is the only industrialized country that is home to an indigenous nonhuman species. The Primate Research Institute (PRI) conducts studies with various species of primate -- including humans -- with the aim of elucidating the origin and evolution of human nature. We work with living subjects and fossil specimens, and take a multi-disciplinary approach which incorporates fields such as ecology, sociology, behavior, cognition, brain sciences, physiology, genetics, genomics, biomedicine, morphology and paleontology. The institute also provides graduate level classroom instruction in the biological sciences.

Students enrolled at the PRI are encouraged to take advantage of financial assistance from various projects to gain laboratory and fieldwork training overseas. An all-English diploma course for international students is also offered.

Kanrin, Inuyama, Aichi 484-8506 JAPAN