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4th KU-Inamori Foundation Joint Kyoto Prize Symposium: "Art, Science and Technology to Inspire Dreams and Adventure"

The Kyoto University-Inamori Foundation Joint Kyoto Prize Symposium (KUIP) was inaugurated in 2014 to mark the Foundation's and Prize's 30th anniversary. Each year since it has brought together experts in three of the 12 fields covered by the Prize's main award categories: Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences, and Arts and Philosophy.

The fourth KUIP is themed "Art, Science and Technology to Inspire Dreams and Adventure", and highlights the three fields in which the 2019 Prize will be awarded: "Theater, Cinema" in the Arts and Philosophy category, "Materials Science and Engineering" in the Advanced Technology category, and "Earth and Planetary Sciences, Astronomy, and Astrophysics" in the Basic Sciences category.

The two-day program features lectures by 11 world-renowned experts -- eight from Japan and three from abroad -- and a kabuki performance by a children's troupe.
  • Saturday 01 July 2017
  • Sunday 02 July 2017
Time Day 1 (Saturday 1 July): 13:30-17:30
Day 2 (Sunday 2 July): 9:30-17:50
Place Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto University Yoshida Campus
Intended for Students, experts, and members of the general public
Max attendees 500 (Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis)

1. "Theater, Cinema" session

Saturday 1 July 2017, 13:30-17:30 (including the opening ceremony)

Session title: "Why Do People Perform?: The Meaning of Art for Homo Sapiens/Human Beings"

  • Performance of the "Amagasaki Scene" from the 10th act of the kabuki play The Picture Book of the Taiko

    Yokozen Kabuki Children's Workshop (Nagi Board of Education, Okayama Prefecture)

  • "Theater as a Communication Device"

    Oriza Hirata (Playwright, Director/Specially-Appointed Professor, Center for the Study of CO Design, Osaka University)

  • "The Logos and Lemma of Art"

    Shinichi Nakazawa (Anthropologist/Director, Institut pour la Science Sauvage, Meiji University)

  • "When Human Performance Disappears from Movies"

    Kazuki Omori (Director, Writer/Professor, Osaka University of Arts)

2. "Materials Science and Engineering" session

Sunday 2 July 2017, 9:30-12:40

Session title: "Investigation of New Materials for a Sustainable Future"

  • "Gas Science and Technology for Sustainable Future"

    Susumu Kitagawa (Distinguished Professor, Deputy Director-General, Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study (KUIAS)/Director, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Kyoto University)

  • "Nanophotonics and Its Fusion with Topological Science: Synthetic Gauge Potential for Light"

    Shanhui Fan (Professor, Stanford University)

  • "Strong Correlation Between Electricity and Magnetism in Materials"

    Yoshinori Tokura (Director, RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science/Professor, The University of Tokyo)

  • "Spintronics: From Synthesis of III-V Magnetic Semiconductors to VLSI Applications"

    Hideo Ohno (Director, Professor, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University)

3. "Earth and Planetary Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics" session

Sunday 2 July 2017, 14:00-17:10

Session title: "A Renewed Sense of Wonder Toward the Earth and the Universe"

  • "Plate Tectonics, Japanese Islands, and Chikyu"

    Asahiko Taira (President, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC))

  • "From Determinism to Probability: Development of the Ensemble Prediction Technique for Weather and Climate Forecasting"

    Tim Palmer (Royal Society (350th Anniversary) Research Professor, University of Oxford)

  • "X-Ray Study of a Kyoto Millennium Supernova"

    Katsuji Koyama (Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University)

  • "Cosmic Fireworks -- Finding Transient Events in the Universe"

    Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Professor, University of Oxford)

4. Joint closing session

Sunday 2 July 2017, 17:10-17:50

A cross-disciplinary discussion by speakers and program committee members with Kyoto University President Juichi Yamagiwa

Fee Free of charge
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