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06 Jun 2017
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Norwegian University of Science and Technology delegation visits Kyoto University (24 and 25 April 2017)

Nine delegates from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), including Vice-President Kari Melby and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Professor Björn Gustafsson, visited the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine and the Kyoto University Hospital on 24 and 25 April. KU and NTNU concluded a memorandum for academic cooperation and exchange in 2014.

As the meeting began on the 24th, Professor Shinji Uemoto, dean of the Graduate School of Medicine, and Professor Nobuya Inagaki, director of the Kyoto University Hospital, delivered welcoming remarks and briefings on their respective institutions. Vice-President Melby then introduced NTNU, and Professor Gustafsson, delivered remarks on the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Other NTNU researchers explained their fields of specialization.

The discussion that followed covered a wide variety of topics, including education programs at NTNU.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the KU Hospital and toured several research and clinical sites, including the Clinical Research Center for Medical Equipment Development, the Cancer Biobank, and the Cancer Center.

On the 25th, the NTNU delegates spent the entire day on one-on-one meetings with their KU counterparts.

Meeting attendees

NTNU delegates observing a bio-3D printer