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Quantum Beam Tech

Widely-Tunable Mid-Infrared Laser Developed Give our high peak-power, short duration MIR-laser a try in your lab!

A high peak power (-MW), widely tunable (5–20 μm) Mid- Infrared Free Electron Laser (MIR-FEL) has been developed by our research group at the Institute of Advanced Energy on the Uji Campus. MIRs, which correspond to the absorption wavelengths of phonons, plasmons, and molecular vibrations, can be used for selective dissociation or excitation of chemical bonds. In addition, the pulse width of the MIR-FEL is sufficiently short (-600 fs) to observe ultrafast dynamics, such as energy redistribution of phonons, electron relaxation in quantum dots, non-linear optics, spin dynamics, impurity studies in semiconductors, and much more. As an example of MIR-FEL applications, mode-selective phonon excitation of a bulk material (single-crystal SiC) was demonstrated for the first time using anti-Stokes Raman scattering spectroscopy.

This type of basic research is expected to contribute to the development of high efficiency functional materials for use in supporting a zeroemission energy future for society.

Hideaki Ohgaki, PhD
Professor, Institute of Advanced Energy