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Post-modern Forestry Why do we think in economic terms?

I am proposing a new concept of forestry. Japan has shown that modernization causes commercial forestry to stagnate, resulting in a degradation of forested areas. This can usually be explained economically, in the sense that forestry is no longer an attractive mode of employment due to rising standards of living resulting from modernization of society. Hence while typical research has focused on finding methods to make forestry economically feasible, I instead examine why people think economically, which was not as common before modernization. Examining differences between the times before and after modernization, I propose a new concept of forestry which may be feasible in this post-modern world.

Oharame: Female firewood sellers from Ohara area in Kyoto before modernization.
(From Kyoto University Digital Library:

Hikaru Komatsu, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research / Graduate School of Agriculture