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The Building of the Chinretsukan

Chinretsukan’s exhibition room

After three extensions to the original building, which was constructed in 1914, the Chinretsukan (Exhibition Hall) reached its final form as a square building surrounding a courtyard in 1929. The old brick building was partially reinforced with concrete during its final extension, but it remains a representative Kyoto University building of its time. The building was co-designed by Jihee Yamamoto, who designed many structures for higher education institutions and hospitals at the time, and Kyozo Nagase. Yamamoto and Nagase later became the first and second directors of the Department of Engineering of Kyoto Imperial University. In addition to being a place for research and education, the Chinretsukan was an “open space” for the public exhibition of historical materials. Being equipped with a reception room, it also served as a place to receive guests until the Clock Tower was built in 1925.