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in Kyoto University


Radar Atmospheric Physics for Accurate Weather Forecasts Development of 1.3-GHz Wind Profiler Radars.


Observations of wind velocity profiles are crucial for studying meteorological phenomena, weather forecasting, etc. The wind profiler radar (WPR) is one of the most suitable remote sensing instruments for determining the height profiles of wind velocity vectors with high time and height resolutions. We developed the first active phased-array WPR known as the lower troposphere radar (LTR). It has a frequency of 1.3 GHz and a peak output power of 2 kW with a 4×4 m active phased-array antenna. The same radar system is adopted in the JMA 1)wind profiler network, WINDAS.2) Next, using seven Luneberg lens antennas, we developed another 1.3-GHz WPR known as LQ-7, which has a peak output power of 2.8 kW. Recently, the JMA replaced the WPRs of WINDAS with LQ-11, which is similar to LQ-7 but uses eleven lens antennas.

1)Japan Meteorological Agency,
2) Wind Profiler Network and Data Acquisition System

Hiroyuki Hashiguchi, PhD
Associate Professor, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere