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What is the Agricultural Society? Analyzing the transition of pottery styles in the Japanese islands.

Today, people can’t live without domestic foods. Domestic foods represent the characteristics of contemporary agricultural society. Since the beginning of agriculture up until the present day, humans have been developing food-producing economies. I am interested in how such economies began. In the Japanese islands, pottery was first produced approximately 12,000 years ago by foragers in the Jomon period. After the introduction of rice paddy cultivation from the Korean peninsula approximately 3,000 years ago, pottery styles dramatically changed as farmers in the Yayoi period made new forms of pottery, such as rice cookers, storage pots, etc. I am studying the formation process of the agricultural society by analyzing the transition of pottery styles. I hope that my studies will clarify the first step in the establishment of the nation.

Yusuke Senoo
The Kyoto University Museum